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Digital files ONLY are acceptable for entry submissions.

We strongly advise that you adhere to the following technical specifications when submitting your entries. In the event that your entry earns an award, it deserves to be exhibited it in its best quality. Any entry that deviates from these specifications will be rejected and a new file required.

Images: JPG/JPEG, 96 DPI, MAX 10 MB - Recommended resolution: longest side = 2000 DPI (pixels). Images may be projected during the awards ceremony. Projector will be HD which means 1920x1080 pixels. As long as your image is at least this size it will show well on the projection.

Documents: PDF, MAX 10 MB (embedded images should adhere to guidelines above)

Audio: MP3, 320kbps recommended, MAX 30 MB

Video: MPG/MPEG/MP4, H.264 - MAX. 10,000kbps, MAX. 250 MB

U.S.H. Idea Awards is not responsible for the quality of the submitted material. Entries submitted will be showcased in the quality they were received.