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Create an awards program organized, judged and awarded by Hispanic advertising creatives. Raise the bar and create a more inspirational award. Make it a contender with international shows and therefore, give our market the respect it deserves in the Ad industry overall.



The 2017 U.S.H. Idea Awards will take place Thursday, October 12, 2017 at the Colony Theatre in Miami Beach.



Each piece within a campaign must be entered and paid for as a single entry. Entries will consider by the jury both individually and as a campaign.

Regular Price: $360 (August 21st through August 31st)

Extended Deadline: $410 (September 1st through September 15th)


The following payment options are accepted: PayPal, VISA, MasterCard and AMEX.

No refunds will be made under any circumstances. Disqualified entries will not be refunded. So, please, double-check all your entries before finalizing.



The 2017 U.S.H. Idea Awards will accept entries up to its final deadline for receiving complete entries (including payment), September 1st, 2017 with an extension (late fee applies) until September 15th, 2017 at 8:00 pm ET/7:00 pm CST/5:00 pm PST. NO ENTRIES WILL BE ACCEPTED AFTER SEPTEMBER 15TH, 2017.


Entries received between the September 1st, 2017 through September 15th 2017, will pay an additional late fee per individual piece in any media.

For more information, please email: awards@circulocreativo.org



The awards are open to companies working for the U.S. Hispanic market. Participants should belong to, or be one of the following: Advertising Agencies, Creative Directors, Production Companies, Film Directors, Brands, Media Agencies, Marketing Agencies, Creative Studios, Design Studios, Interactive Agencies, Mobile Agencies, Promotion Agencies, Direct Marketing agencies, Postproduction Companies, Animation Studios, Designers, Sound and Image Production Companies, Composers, Multimedia Studios, Development Agencies, Content Producers, Collaborative Production Houses, Audio/ Music Houses, Communication Agencies, Press Agencies, PR Agencies, etc.

To be eligible for the 2017 competition the entry must have been published or have aired, between September 17th, 2016 and September 15th, 2017 within the U.S. Hispanic Market (except for Beyond Hispanic category). Work should have been created by a U.S. Hispanic agency or a General market agency specifically targeting Hispanics.  Work submitted includes any Spanish Language work aired or published in the continental United States (except in the Beyond Hispanic category) and any English language work targeted specifically and uniquely to the Hispanic market.

Any entry submitted for general market (non-U.S. Hispanic), or for other countries created by U.S. Hispanic Agencies must be submitted in the Beyond Hispanic category only.

Production Companies and Post Production Companies entries must be submitted in the Craft category.

Advertising agencies entries can be submitted in all categories.

The owner of the material’s rights must know and approve of the entry. Entries cannot be made without the prior permission of the advertiser/owner of the rights of the case entered. All entries must have been made within the context of a normal paying contract with a client. That client must have paid for all, or the majority of, the media/production costs. All winners must show proof of media buys if requested.

So-called "scam ads" - ads that either never ran, ran without the consent of the client, or were ripped off from other agencies – will be closely monitored, disqualified and publicly denounced. U.S.H. Idea Awards strongly discourages the submission of scam ads of any sort.  Judges and the U.S.H. Idea Awards organization will privately "flag" a suspected scam ad when viewing an entry online and/or write confidential comments online to support their suspicions. Upon being flagged, an investigation into the allegations will follow.

U.S.H. Idea Awards has the right to disqualify any and all entries that do not follow these, or any other requirements of these rules and regulations document at any point during the process, without any sort of refund to the parties who submitted the entry or any other related party.

U.S.H. Idea Awards may refuse entries, which offend national or religious sentiments or public taste.

U.S.H. Idea Awards may contact the client related to any entry at the request of the Jury at any time during the voting process should any questions about the implementation or presentation of the work arise.

No agency or entrant branding or any contributing creative companies/people must be visible on the entry (e.g. logos, credits, slates etc.) except for self-promotional entries. This is to ensure the Jury remains neutral when judging. Please ensure you do not include the clock, slate or any form of credit in your material. This information should ONLY be found on the entry forms.



Entries and materials submitted will not be returned and may be displayed, shown, duplicated, published or reproduced for educational or promotional purposes as U.S.H. Idea Awards and Círculo Creativo deems appropriate, on any and all media. By entering, the entrant agrees to hold U.S.H. Idea Awards and any of its affiliated companies exempt from any costs or expenses of any claim arising out of any such use.



You may enter the same ad in more than one category. An additional entry fee applies for each additional category entered for the same piece.

All Gold entries on will automatically compete for the Top 5 ideas of the year awards. This year, each piece within a campaign must be entered and paid for as a single entry. The jury reserves the right to judge an individual piece in a campaign as a stand-alone piece.



The top 5 ideas of the year will be awarded from all the material submitted regardless the categories they belong to.

Awards will also be handed to all creative ideas on each of the 151 sub-categories as Gold, Silver and Bronze as listed below in section 8.

The Jury has the right to disqualify or penalize any so-called “scam ads” entries that do not meet the requirements of the rules and regulations at any point during the judging process.

The top 5 ideas and Gold will receive a trophy. Silver and Bronze will receive a paper certificate.

Only the Top 5 ideas and Gold winners will be showcased during the gala ceremony.

Production companies and Post Production companies could win an award in the Craft category only.

Advertising Agencies could win an award in all categories.

The Jury has the right to declare a category vacant of an award in the event that they consider none of the submissions deserve to be awarded in said category.

The decision of the Juries in all matters relating to the awarding of prizes will be final and binding.

On So-called "scam ads", Judges are offered the opportunity to raise queries with the U.S.H. Idea Awards organizers and information is gathered accordingly throughout the judging (media schedules, client authorization, etc.) from each entrant company to verify the authenticity of the entry in the event that entry is shortlisted or a winner.

In the event of a complaint against any winning or shortlisted entry, U.S.H. Idea Awards will conduct a full investigation into each case and will request detailed documentation from all parties concerned including the complainant, the entrants and the client.

U.S.H. Idea Awards will have no hesitation in withdrawing an award in cases where the complaint is upheld.

If an entry fails to meet this or other entry criteria, U.S.H. Idea Awards will withdraw the award and make an appropriate press announcement.



The jury will be comprised of the president of the Latin Market Circulo Creativo, former presidents and other renowned creative executives from diverse agencies in the Hispanic market along with international creative personalities, outside the Hispanic Market, one of which will be the president of the Jury. No more than one representative from an agency will be part of the Creative jury. This will ensure the jury’s impartiality and diversity.

The jury for the Planning & Strategy category will consist of renowned account planners from diverse agencies in the Hispanic market. No more than one representative from an agency will be part of the Planning & Strategy jury. This will ensure the jury’s impartiality and diversity.

The jury for the craft category will consist of renowned executive producers and directors from diverse production and post-production companies in the Hispanic Market. No more than one representative from production or post-production company will be part of the Craft jury. This will ensure the jury’s impartiality and diversity.

The jury will vote on their categories plus the Creative Jury will vote on the year’s Top 5 ideas. Voting will be done through the online entry system, OpenWater. Voting for Shortlist, Winners and Top 5 will be done in a face-to-face judging with the Creative jury.



A brief synopsis is required for all entries. The synopsis should be broken down into three parts (1 or 2 sentences each): Objective, Concept and Target Audience. The synopsis should be no longer than 200 words. If you are submitting a campaign, that should be clear in your synopsis as well. Results, Research, Planning and a clear demonstration on how the viewer was able to interact with the medium, should be included when applicable.

See all the categories in the "CATEGORIES" tab​.



During the submission process, you will be required to enter: Your Company Name; the Client, Brand or Sponsor Name; the Title of Entry; and the Names and Titles of the people and or companies associated with the creation of the work that is being entered. It is VERY IMPORTANT to use the proper case, correct hierarchical (ranking) order of the names and the correct spelling. U.S.H. Idea Awards will not be held responsible for typographical errors on awards.

No corrections will be allowed after the September 16th, 2017 deadline, so please be thorough when revising all credits because they will be published exactly as entered.

U.S.H. Idea Awards cannot be responsible for credit errors or omissions on entries and, therefore, requests for replacement nameplates on trophies or replacement certificates will be billed at the regular prices plus shipping, handling and duty charges.



Press releases will be sent to Hispanic and international media. All winners will be published on the U.S.H. Idea Awards and Circulo Creativo websites.

Trophy winners will be announced during the U.S.H. Idea Awards on October 12, 2017 at the Colony Theatre in Miami.  If you are planning to attend the awards ceremony you must purchase a ticket.  Visit www.ushideaawards.com for more information and to purchase tickets for the awards ceremony.



IMPORTANT: Make sure you log in before beginning the online entry process to prevent loss of your data. You will know you are logged in when you can see your name at the top of the left window. It will say LOGGED IN with your name below.

Once you are logged in, select the competition you wish to enter from the competitions menu and proceed to submit your entry. An individual entry form must be filled out for each entry. Be sure to submit all of your entry data before proceeding to checkout. A printable invoice listing all of your entries will be automatically generated at checkout and sent by e-mail by the OperWater system.



Digital files ONLY are acceptable for entry submissions.

We strongly advise that you adhere to the following technical specifications when submitting your entries. In the event that your entry earns an award, it deserves to be exhibited it in its best quality. Any entry that deviates from these specifications will be rejected and a new file required.

Images: JPG/JPEG, 96 DPI, MAX 10 MB - Recommended resolution: longest side = 2000 DPI (pixels). Images may be projected during the awards ceremony. Projector will be HD which means 1920x1080 pixels. As long as your image is at least this size it will show well on the projection.

Documents: PDF, MAX 10 MB (embedded images should adhere to guidelines above)

Audio: MP3, 320kbps recommended, MAX 30 MB

Video: MPG/MPEG/MP4, H.264 - MAX. 10,000kbps, MAX. 250 MB

U.S.H. Idea Awards is not responsible for the quality of the submitted material. Entries submitted will be showcased in the quality they were received.



All copies of entries submitted become the property of U.S.H. Idea Awards, for supplemental presentations to educational institutions, trade groups, advertising professionals, Círculo Creativo, and to the public and will not be returned.

Entrant specifically grants worldwide, royalty-free permission to U.S.H. Idea Awards to play or exhibit the entries at award presentations, Círculo Creativo's website, screenings around the world or in any other public or private presentation with or without charge whenever and as often as U.S.H. Idea Awards see fit without any compensation to entrant.

Entrant authorizes U.S.H. Idea Awards the use for such purpose of any trademarks, animated characters, animals, and merchandised items included in the entries. U.S.H. Idea Awards may use entries or license entries or the reproduction of entries in perpetuity, without payment to Entrant or Entrants clients, non- exclusively throughout the world, for use in telecasts, broadcasts, videotapes, Internet, DVDs, exhibits, annuals and any other publications including without limitation, television, radio or Internet presentations featuring the U.S.H. Idea Awards winners.

Entrant holds or will secure the necessary license for use of all music embodied within the entries. Entrant will fully defend, indemnify and hold U.S.H. Idea Awards and its assignees harmless from any talent or other residual charges due to the release of its entries or any third party claims against U.S.H. Idea Awards, its affiliated companies and licensees resulting from the content of the entries and the intellectual property contained therein. The person submitting entry or entries certifies that he or she has full authority to approve the rights granted herein.

U.S.H. Idea Awards has no responsibility and remains harmless from any problems arising from or to participants because of: force majeure, wrong entries, form mistakes, uploading errors, credit errors, third party actions or any other responsibility derived from any of the participant’s actions involving U.S.H. Idea Awards.


© U.S.H. Idea Awards 2017